SYuuri's Site
Never really done a decent introduction before, so I'll start now. I'm a 22 year old girl who loves to
write (well, obviously). I'm a university student and I'll graduate in a few short months.. Reading has
been one of my loves ever since I was a child, and it was not until around 4 years ago that I
discovered the awesomeness of fanfiction. I read a lot of them, before finally decided to write my
own because the idea of 'playing God' was kinda appealing.

I have tons of unfinished stories, yes I'm aware of that, and trust me, I mentally kick myself every day
or so for that, but between schoolworks and stuff, I just don't have enough time to re-read, get the
feeling back, and finish them. Some of them are old stuff, and I'd like to think that that I've improved
a tiny bit, so reading some of them back... it kinda make me want to re-write or even delete them.
That's another reason why I opted to write oneshots more lately. There's a mild satisfaction in
finishing a story and I really like writing one-shots.

I major in Visual Design Communication so I love to play with softwares like all kind of Adobe. My
guilty pleasure including doing manip of Tommy and Kimberly from Power Rangers, so if you find
some of them around, I'm probably responsible for those.

And here's a list of some of my favorite couples:

    - Dean/Castiel (Supernatural) -- I know, it's not going to happen. But there are so many shipper's
    moments here and there.
    - Sam/Jules (Flashpoint) -- Office romance, as exciting as it sounds to me, the creators doesn't
    think so.
    - Tommy/Kimberly (Power Rangers) -- She left him to another country then wrote him off as a
    - Henry/Anne (The Tudors) -- He beheaded her for another woman, what could be more romantic
    yet tragic than that?
    - Echo/Ballard (Dollhouse) -- The show got canceled.
    - Buffy/Angel (BtVS) -- They separated and he got his own TV show.
    - Phoebe/Cole (Charmed) -- He decided to be evil full-time and she ended up vanquishing him.
    - Blair/Chuck (Gossip Girl) -- The only couple remains till this day. I hope it would last. I hope.

I guess now you see how I would die if there's no such thing as fanfictions.

I just want to thank everyone who read my stories. You guys are awesome! A little note, English is
not my first language so please bear with me if you find many grammar mistakes. Trust me, I'm trying
to be better :)