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It's Santorini Sky... SYurri's Tumblr Account

Valhalla - A Multi-fandom Message board

A Blast From The Past - (home of Pink-Green-White-4ever)

Shawn's Library: The Archive - (home of Shawn30)

Angel's Fanfic Heaven - (home of Angel)

Enigmaforum's Fanfic Site - (home of Enigmaforum)

Perfect Chemistry - a Tommy/Kim and Syd/Sky shipper board

Something Just This Side Of Perfect - a Tommy/Kim shipper site

Flashpoint_SRU - a livejournal community dedicated to Flashpoint

Flashpoint Fansite - (home of Pink-Green-White-4ever's Flashpoint Graphics and Fics)

Flashpoint on CTV - (homepage for Canadian fans)

Flashpoint on CBS - (homepge for USA fans)